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Tiger Mapping and Routing Server  v.0.1.4

Tiger Mapping and Routing Server is being written in order to facilitate the creation of open source GPS navigation software. Its goal is to simplify street level routing and map drawing which are essential for user-friendly

Wilderness Mapping Project  v.1.0

The Wilderness Mapping Project is an interactive Java based web application for providing detailed route information for travelers through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) in northern

Tornado O/R Mapping Engine  v.0.3.1

[RETIRED] Tornado/DB is an object-relational mapping engine for Java. Featuresinclude object caching, multi-table inheritance, compound keys, relationships, XML config., JSP tags, small footprint.

XML Mapping standard  v.1.0

This project is a specification proposal for a XML Mapping standard for XSL Transformation. A xml mapping file which conforms to the this XML Mapping standard can be parsed to generate XSL Transformation to support transformation for mutiple xml files. X

3D Displacement Terrain Mapping  v.1.0

3D Displacement Terrian Mapping: increasing level of detail through layering methods based on perspective and scale.

TMS - The Mapping Server  v.1.0

TMS - The Map Server is a web map server that uses the U.S. Census Bureau's Landview data files. It provides coast to coast mapping with images generated on the fly. Web users have significant control over the presentation.

Rocksnake Geo Mapping Tool  v.1.0

Rocksnake takes localities from geological mapping projects and plots them in 2D, over an optional basemap. Each locality has all the standard geology notebook contents and photos attached to it which can then be viewed from Rocksnake.

Thematic Mapping Engine  v.1.0

Thematic Mapping Engine (TME) enables you to visualise global statistics on Google Earth.

BATS (Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System  v.1.0

The Blind Audio Tactile Mapping System (BATS) attempts to address the lack of spatial information available for visually impaired students.

Access Geauga 2 Mapping System  v.1.0

A Java servlet & JSP web mapping frontend for ESRI ArcIMS maps. This project is an alternative to the standard ArcIMS HTML viewer, featuring a cleaner interface, better measuring, and pdf export capabilities.

Database Java Bean Mapping Tool  v.1.0

This particular tool will create the the java beans from database tables by mapping its row names to java properties.

Rejuvenate PHP O/R Mapping Tool  v.1.0

Rejuvenate is a object relational mapping tool for PHP 5.0+ or later based on PDO with XML configuration and code generation.

Nomin Mapping Engine  v.1.0

Nomin is a mapping engine for the Java platform. It provides abilities to transform object trees using declarative mapping rules. Main features are no XML configuration, intuitively looking mapping, using arbitrary expressions/method invocations.

Object Mapping Framework  v.rc

A framework for mapping various physical data source including database, filesystem, xml file, etc., into objects.

QLOR Object Relational Mapping Framework  v.1.0

QLOR is a performant Object/Relational Mapping and persistence framework for Java. It's easy to use and deploy with other technologies.

CMS (CROSI Mapping System)  v.1.0

CMS (CROSI Mapping System) is a structure matching system that capitalizes on the rich semantics of the OWL constructs found in.

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